METADATA takes information reguarding the script so Venera can identify this module in its script base, all fields need to be configured properly.

  • AUTHOR is a list of strings, others who created the script or have participated in research for that flaw it abuses as example.
  • VERSION module/script version.
  • TAGS Some tags that define the script and its purpose. Scripts can be searched and executed based on their tags.
  • INFO The description of the script may have, flaw that it abuses, type of test, proposed mitigations, it's up to the creator.
    AUTHOR = {"Author1 <>","Author2 <>"},
    VERSION = "0.1",
    TAGS = {"example","http","scanner"},
    INFO = [[HTTP requests with lua-go]]

This data is used by Venera Search Engine to index the script, list and so on.